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Damoon Keshavarz


He graduated in 2015 at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera. In 2014 he exhibited at the Palazzo delle Stelline in Milan and in the DepurArt Lab Gallery; he participated in the group exhibition of contemporary art “The shadows of the sea, the journey of water”.
In 2015 he was in Pisa at the Center for Contemporary Arts “San Michele degli Scalzi”. Also in 2015, he won the first prize in the “Decoration” section at the “Claudio Abbado” National Arts Award. In the same year, he was the site manager for the ceramic mosaic installation at Rho Exposition, for EXPO 2015. In 2016 he took part in the fifth edition of Humus Park.

Site damoon-keshavarz.blogspot.it


Juan Luis Zegarra Queirolo


Environmental artist and art teacher, he studies the different connections between nature and art in cities and in desert territories. Graduated in visual arts, he collaborates with biologists and other scientists, analyzing the various environmental problems and reinterpreting this information through Land Art or other techniques. He has participated in two artistic residencies organized by the Center of Rural Art in Argentina and in two residences in the Guapamacátaro Center of Art and Ecology in Mexico; he has participated in group and individual exhibitions in Peru, Argentina and the United States. He currently teaches and works with his students’ projects to promote respect for nature through art.
He is director of the art collective Zamba Canuta developing social proposals, combining art, education and attention to the environment.

Site www.queirolo.pe


Anastasiia Gvildiene


She graduated in 2013 at the Floral Design School in Saint-Petersburg.
In 2015 she participated in the Landart Festival in Florence and at the Grindelwald Landart Festival (Switzerland). In 2016 she took part in the Grindelwald Landart Festival, at the Landart Festival in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Canada), at the Landart Festival in Raudondvaris (Lithuania). In 2017 she took part in the Grindelwald Landart Festival and the Landart Festival in Lubartów-Kozłówka (Poland).


Jan Johansen


He is a Danish artist who loves to use natural materials.
In particular he is specialized in the art of basketry and the twine of vegetable fibers; he creates artistics cutting.


Fiona Paterson

New Zeland

Born and raised in Zimbabwe by Scottish parents, she now lives in France.
She is a multifaceted and curious artist, creating mosaics, abstract works with assemblages of different and recycled materials, artistic corsets using different materials, outdoor sculptures and Land Art creations. She exhibits and works in Zimbabwe, England, France, Belgium and Taiwan.
Her inspiration comes from nature, from environmental issues, from reflections on the human being, from sexuality, from Africa that is always in her heart and from those effects which elements and time produce on wood and metals. She uses natural and recycled materials that often combines with new ones, giving new life and meaning to the old discarded objects.

Site www.fionapaterson.com


Ya-Lan Szu


Taiwanese, she graduated in 2007 at the International School of Floral Design Atelier-5 by Peter Hess.
She participates in numerous festivals and events of floristry and Land Art, combining Western and Eastern techniques.
She participated as a guest in some main events such as: in 2005, Basel Landart and Grindelwald Landart; in 2009, Trobada Internacional Land Art Girona; in 2009, Eco Land art Lithuania; in 2013 and in 2017, Grindelwald Landart.


Vanja Mervič


Born in Koper in 1973, he lives and works in Nova Gorica, Slovenia.
Graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, he has attended a master in video and new media at ALUO, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Since 2005 he has exhibited and worked regularly with multimedia installations in Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, France, Austria, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Colombia, Australia, US.
Among his exhibitions there are: EODE, curated by Alice Ginaldi, project by Laura Santamaria, Palazzo Ducale – Sala Dogana, Genoa, Italy, 2012; Miami New Media Festival 2015, Miami, USA; Intermediations, III Muestra de videoart y video experimental, Medellin, Colombia, 2016; Electro fringe, 107 Projects, Redfern, Sydney, Australia, 2016.
He is a conceptual and site-specific artist.


Jette Mellgren


She combines her studies in archeology and sociology with her passion for art and craftsmanship.
Her works reflect her relationship with nature and the landscape. Her basic approach is to bring out the intrinsic and hidden qualities of nature by expressing its narrative potential. She works with natural fibers and discovered materials, using techniques such as weaving, sewing and printing in different combinations. Her passion for nature is accompanied by her compassion for humanity.
Her experience in Uganda was fundamental both from a cultural enrichment point of view and from the artistic point of view, having been able to study the traditional art of weaving. She has also dedicated several volumes to it.

Site www.jette-mellgren.dk


Ryszard Litwiniuk


Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, diploma in the studio of prof. Edward Sitek. He presented his works at numerous individual and group exhibitions such as Sculptor’s Salons in Warsaw (winner of Silver Medal and honourable awards), “Truso Symposium” at Galeria El in Elbląg, exhibitions in USA, Sweden, Canada. Participant of symposia and projects connected with nature art in Switzerland, Finland, India, Poland.
His works are in Bulgaria, France, Germany and Canada. Nature is his material, and forced of nature are frequently one of his tools. The forms he creates are alive despite the fact that they are still. For some time, tree has become the artist’s main field of artistic search.


Mirosław Maszlanko


He graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. His first exhibition was in 1991 in the “Biała” gallery, in Lublin. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions and presented his works in individual exhibitions at the Center for Contemporary Art in Warsaw, in the Zderzak Gallery in Krakow, in the Arsenal Gallery in Białystok, at the Center for Contemporary Art in Kiev, at the Institute of Polish culture in Budapest.
In his artworks he uses natural materials: canes, straw, wax (previously stone, leather cords, hemp). With these materials he creates ephemeral, poetic and modern artistic installations, closely connected with the site in which they are located.


Mei Pei Chen


Born into a family devoted to horticulture, she is active as a designer. She realizes artistic installations, designs windows, is a florist and landscape designer. She is a lecturer at the Sogetsu School of Ikebana of Japan.
As an international Land Art artist, she participated in the following events: Basel Landart; Grindelwald Landart; Taipei SOGO Process Exhibition, 6th Shanghai International Flower -arrangement Art Exhibition / Flower design Demonstration; Kingsey Falls, Canada Landart; HYL Gallery Taiwan Landart; Kaunorajons, Lithuania Landart.


Hannah Mitchell


Being immersed in the natural world since she was a child, Hannah Mitchell puts her love for wild nature at the center of her artistic expressiveness and work. Her famous brooms made with vegetable fibers, the wooden toys and walking sticks are born from that love. Since she was young, she sculpted and modeled landscapes and natural structures in the wild Appalachian mountain range. In the Earthship Biotecture center, in Taos (New Mexico), created by the architect Michael Reynold, she participated in the construction of self-sufficient and eco-sustainable houses, made with natural and recycled materials. She studied carpentry and herbal medicine. In her activity, everything starts from nature and earth: nourishment, medicine and art.


Aleksander Velišček


He is a contemporary Slovenian artist whose focuses are politics, history and power, both economic power and images one.
He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where he graduated in 2010. In 2011 he won the Mariuccia Paracchi Testori Prize, and in 2014 he was chosen to participate in the Shit and Die exhibition, by Maurizio Cattelan, at Palazzo Cavour (Turin). In 2016, he took part in the Venice Architecture Biennale in the Albanese pavilion. He had residences at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation and at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris.

Facebook: /aleksander.veliscek


Marie-Hélène Hess-Boson


Born in Switzerland, she attended the School of Fine Arts in Sion. Studying floral art, she obtained the federal floristic patent. Teacher and trainer in Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, Russia, Sweden, Taiwan, Austria, Dominican Republic, she directs different schools of floral art with her husband Peter Hess, in Russia, Taiwan and Singapore. She has been practicing Land Art since 1999 and has participated in various meetings throughout Europe, Russia, Canada, Taiwan, Santo Domingo.

Site: www.atelier-5.ch


Kim Cao


He is French with Vietnamese origins, and worked as a photographic assistant with H.C. Bresson, Kevin Westenberg and Terry Richardson, for about ten years. As artist assistant, he has collaborated with JM Fondacaro and B. Abril.
He is a visual artist, photographer, musician and videomaker. He weaves bamboo, willow and other plants to create forms of natural materials which express a feeling or are simply the “missing” part of a natural composition. Sometimes he places live plants growing inside and on sculpture, and this latter take possession of them. Sometimes the sculptures pick up fallen leaves and branches, which gradually merge with the environment. His works inspire to rest, to ponder.

Site: www.Kimcao.portfoliobox.net


Marijus Gvildys


He has taken part in many Land Art meetings and competitions, winning some awards. He is an international Land Art teacher, and especially at Kaunas high level Art school (Lituania) He already took part at Humus park at Palù and Torre’s Castle.

Sito: www.15min.lt/zyme/marijus-glildys


Denis Pchelyakov


With an education in economic and technical studies, he then got into art, architecture, engineering and construction. He is technically-minded and loves working with glass and metals. He does painting and uses flowers. He uses both fresh and dried materials for his art works.
In 2014 he completed a degree in Floristic Design in Novosibirsk, Russia.
He does Land Art and in 2015 participated in Grindelwald Land Art Festival in Switzerland.
In 2016 he took part in Humus Park and in the International Land Art Festival, in Raudondvaris in Lithuania.

Facebook: /denis.pchelyakov


Anna Peshkova


After studying at art school, she completed technical studies and humanities at the University of Kazakhstan (Literature and Philosophy) in 2010. She finished Flower Design school in 2014 in Russia.
She participated in Grindelwald Land Art Festival in 2015. She loves working with flowers, but also enjoys embroidery and cooking.
She is a sociable person who in heart and mind is curious about everything new and creative, including Land Art.
In 2016 she took part in Humus Park and in the International Land Art Festival, in Raudondvaris in Lithuania.

Land Art is a contemporary art movement born in the Sixties, in the US. The international artists taking part in Humus Park are coming from all over the world: Denmark, France, Iran Kazakhstan, Lithuania, New Zeland, Peru, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA.

Kim Cao and Fabio Pes (France and Italy);
Donald Buglass and Fiona Paterson (New Zeland);
Ryszard Litwiniuk and Miroslaw Maszlanko (Poland);
Vanja Mervic and Aleksander Velišček (Slovenia);
Peter Hess and Marie Helene Hess Boson (Switzerland);
Ya-Lan Szu and Mei Pei Chen (Taiwan);
Hannah Mitchell and Nick Neddo (USA).

Jan Johansen and Jette Mellgren (Denmark);
Kim Cao and Francesco Bortolin (France and Italy);
Damoon Keshavarz and Juan Luis Zegarra Queirolo (Iran and Peru)
Denis Pchelyakov and Anna Peshkova (Kazakhstan);
Anastasiia Gvildiene and Marijus Gvildys (Lithuania);
Donald Buglass and Fiona Paterson (New Zeland);
Hannah Mitchell and Nick Neddo (USA).