Special Guests appearance


Donald Buglass
Born in New Zealand, Buglass is a multidisciplinary and prolific artist, graduated in painting at the National School of Art in Australia and graduated in furniture design at the University of Tasmania. He paints, draws, sculpts wood, creates site-specific artworks using natural materials. He is a member of the Artists in Nature International Network. He works and participates in festivals all over the world: New Zealand, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan, Finland, Gran Canaria, Romania, Czech Republic. Driftwood & Sand beach sculpture event in Hokitika is a festival which he is particularly fond of and which he never misses.

Peter Hess
Born in Switzerland in 1946, he shifted from being an Olympic swimming champion, to studying floristics. He graduated from the Advanced School of Arts in Germany. Founder of the Atelier5 Art School in Basel, he has been the creator and artistic director of the Grindelwald Land Art Festival since 1999. Together with his wife, Marie Boson, he directs several high schools of floral and botanical art in Russia, Taiwan and Singapore.
Site: www.atelier-5.ch

Nick Neddo
Born in Vermont, he has been an artist since he was able to pick up a pastel. He grew up exploring the wetlands, forests and fields of his region, developing a deep curiosity, respect and love for the living community around him. Since he was young, Nick has identified the areas which have become the research objectives of his life: the study of the natural world, the stone age technology and the artistic creation.
He wrote the book “The Organic Artist”, in which he encourages the reader to create his/her own artistic materials, taking them from the landscape and the environment. Nick transforms fibers, furs, berries, beeswax, muds, sticks and stones into pens, brushes, pastels, charcoal, inks, paints, paper, inkwells and notebooks, and with them he creates the most beautiful works.
Site: www.nickneddo.com

Marco Nones
He graduated from the Pozza di Fassa Art Institute. He has exhibited in Europe and in the Città del Vaticano. Among the most representative exhibits and works: the installation for Arte Sella (2010); his solo exhibition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague (2011); the Teatro del Latemar in Pampeago (TN, 2012); the Ice Skyline installation for the Dolomiti Unesco Foundation (2013); the exhibition at Chateau de Ratilly (France, 2015); the Triulza Foundation Expo Award 2015; the exhibition “Nature, art and ecology” at the MART in Trento (2015-16); the exhibition La Terra trema at the Zanuso Gallery (Mi, 2016); the installation at the Fabbrica del Vapore (Mi, 2016); the ” Raccolta di memorie ” installation at the Etna Botanic Garden in Mascalucia (Catania, 4-11 June 2017); the environmental art installation at the Rural Lab Festival on the Po Delta (June 2017); the environmental art exhibition “Armel Soyer explore the land art with Marco Nones” in the Armel Soyer Alps Gallery in Megève (France, 2017). In 2012 he founded – together with Beatrice Calamari – the RespirArt Art Park in Val di Fiemme.